Friday, January 22, 2010

Apple Tablet Scratch Gestures

Super, super interesting and completely convincing! Yesterday's post on about called "Apple: The Tablet Prophecies – Future Twists" posted a video by Chris Henderson - a third year Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University:

This could finally be an answer how Apple is going to solve the letter input problem on the tablet. The tablet's larger screen size would make it difficult to use just your thumbs to type on an iPhone-style QWERTY keyboard. Being a typist would almost be impossible because of the surface's sensitivity. Using a sophisticated sound sensor plus some incredible new software, anything could be your writing surface, as long as the tablet's sensor is resting on a surface. The solution would seem like magic even if you know how it is done. Using it would be so much fun and completely in line with Apple natural gesture computing approach.


  • How would slick surfaces work?

  • As with a mobile device, don't you want to use it just holding it in your hands? Putting it down on a surface would make it less private, since other people would be able to see your content.

  • Scratching sounds could also be annoying to others.

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