Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wholefoods Cuts the Dispatcher Person

Observe a new implemetation of interaction design: Already famous for their well thought out dispatch system that allows Wholefoods to get 100 customers through the registers in about 5 Minutes, they automated (improved?) the process. The store got rid of the dispatcher person in favor of a computerized service. Customers line up in up to 8 colorcoded ailes. A monitor overhead displays corresponding color bars that sequentially display as well as „call out“ the next available cash register. The system senses faster then a person could when a register has become available again.

Apparently the usefulness of the system is up for debate. The next day the dispatcher guy was back to work in „tandem“ with the system. In my personal opinion the system is clear enough, speeds up the waiting in line and relieves a person from a tedious dispatch job.


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