Friday, May 11, 2007

Apple's Patent for Back Side Multi Touch Interface

Just when I thought the iPhone's multi-touch-the-information was a breakthrough for a consumer product the next exciting interface appears at the horizon. Yesterday reported that patents have been filed by Apple concerning their 6th G iPod. It looks like you can navigate the front face of the iPod with a touch panel located on the back side. Input and output will be on different sides of the iPod.

UPDATE 05-15-07: This post on explains why a touch panel on the back is so smart: This way the user is no longer obscuring the very interface he/she is supposed to interact with...

The greatest innovation is often the timely implementation of a particular technology that often has been around for a while. This only happens after other technical hurdles, such as CPU speed, bandwidth or component size have been solved. The iPhone made me research multi-touch technology and I have written about it in previous posts. During my studies I discovered a touch table interface on which utilizes the underside of the table for additional navigation as well.

Matthias Müller Prove recently reminded me of Alan Kay's famous quote: "The computer revolution hasn't happened yet". Physical computing finally makes it to the market place. Only the very best will catch our attention. Apple stock briefly climbed to an all time high yesterday again ....

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