Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shiira Web Browser 2.0 Released

I was looking forward to testing the Shiira browser, because the demo video featured these really nice functions:

1. Select and open multiple links in new tabs
2. Tabs Exposé feature.

Use the cursor to highlight any part of the web page, - right click and choose the "Open all Links in new Tabs" command. The drowdown menu tells you how many links you have selected, so you can gage how many tabs will open up at once.

To me that seems more useful then Safari's "Open in Tabs" bookmarks feature. Together with the new Tabs Exposé you get a key feature: quickly scan the open tabs in Exposé mode and find your information faster.

Shiira desperately needs a "close all tabs" (but the first one) command. I tried to open 40 tabs "by mistake". My hard core test could not be corrected. Closing the entire window made the browser crash - repeatedly. It does not appear to be completely stable yet.

Shiira's shelf is well organized. All bookmarks from all browsers on my machine were thoughtfully added. Unlike Firefox you don't have to choose between a bookmark or a history side panel.

download the application here.

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