Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zenzui - Zooming User Experience and Business Model

Zenzui's user interface design has some merits - I would like to check it out. The content seems to be like widgets, rather than a navigational system for real phone applications like email, calendar etc.
I like the tiles' conceptual extention past the boundaries of the users screen resolution. Zooming in and out seems intuitive. Instead of scrolling, which on "non-iPhone" phones is cumbersome to do, they have small interface elements let you navigate in 4 directions or else zoom in or out (essentially opening and closing of widgets/apps/files).

The Zenzui business model aims to satisfy consumers, marketers, advertisers, developers and mobile operators, which means it will be a system filled with ad-crap.

In the video below zenzui sometimes seems latent and slow. The Zenzui interface has the potential to be a direct touch interface (like the iPhone it doesn't really need hardware buttons), but bends to so many different mobile manufacturers that the user experience is largely uncontrollable.

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