Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adobe Apollo: Why do we need it?

This is a link to a video from DEMO 07, a launch venue for new products, technologies, and companies. Adobe just released the public Alpha of Apollo, which lets developers built desktop applications using web technologies such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, AJAX, (X)HTML or PHP. It shows an example of an eBay Branded Apollo Application.

On first impression I find it annoying to mash the web with the desktop. Do I want to interact with ebay outside of the browser paradigm? Toggle to a Apollo-fied version of Ebay when I am already using the browser for something else?

I didn't really see the advantage in this demo and some of its functionalities were lame. For example: Why do I want to save an Ebay watchlist as an Excel speadsheet?

All this smells like a clever marketing ploy: The invasion of eCommerce onto our private desktops!

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