Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cyborg Extensions - The Spock Look

That's what I thought yesterday morning when I saw a student, who wore a tacky looking bluetooth headset. He wasn't even talking, he was just wearing it and looked ridiculous. I wondered: How willing are we to become cyborgs?

I get the impression we are sooo ready to strap on, implant, inject all kinds of extensions to our bodies. A familiar pictures are teenagers, who don't bother to take off their music when they talk to their friends. At least one headphone bud is permanently stuck inside their skull. Can they really "multi task" in a way that I'm not able to? Are they a need breed, possess a skill that I am too old to learn? Has A.D.D. become the norm and nobody is bothered?

I've read about people who have RFID transmitter chips implanted under their skin. It gives them access to night clubs, for God's sake!

Yesterday I read about Stelarc, an Australian-based performance artist, whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its realtionship with techonology through human-machine interfaces. He does all kinds of prosthetics and extension to the human body. The website is not very good, but you'll get the picture: http://www.stelarc.va.com.au/


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